• Q. What are Decorative Concrete Overlays ?
A. They are a mixture of cement, aggregates and polymer resins. 7000 psi delivers twice the strength than that of common concrete. All without expansion or contraction and can withstand heavy traffic and harsh climate. Additionally, they offer the best resurfacing formula for beauty, durability and infinite design solutions.
• Q. Where are these overlays applied ?
A. Decorative Concrete Overlays are the ideal resurfacing solution for new and old concrete porches, patios, entrances, terraces, walkways, sidewalks, pool areas an other outdoor applications. Indoors they're ideal for residential and commercial floors and walls.
• Q. Does your system re-coat damaged concrete or tiles, drywall, wood panels, masonry etc.?
A. Yes, any structurally solid and sound surface may be recoated with durable overlay finishes. They will save the cost and hassle of tearing out damaged concrete or any other previous surfaces.
• Q. How do you install Decorative Concrete Overlays?
A. Depending on the base surface, the appropriate prep work is done to secure maximum bondage. Then a modified cement overlay is applied with trowel and/or other special tools. The thickness of the layer is between 1/4" to 1/2 ". After 8-24 hours, the design lines are marked and cut with a grinder or other cutting tools. Since we mostly use white base overlay, it is a perfect "canvas" for our special coloring technique. Finally, the best non-slippery system sealers are applied. An average job takes 2-3 days to be completed.
• Q. Why should we go with Art in Use for our project ?
A. Art in Use is an industry leader in providing expert craftsmanship, the finest coloring techniques and a long-lasting durable product. Each project is unique, offering an almost infinite variety of different combinations of design and colours. We have excellent references from our customers.
• Q. What is the maintenance needed for decorative concrete overlays ?
A. Exterior overlays: ICE MELTER should be used instead of salt, use a plastic or rubber edge shovel. Depending on traffic, resealing should be done after 3-5 years with "Acrylic exterior" top coat sealer available from www.durock.com, or if you prefer, we can provide full service for you. There are several interior sealers, we will tell you which sealer is best for you.

• Q. What is the cost per square foot ?
Price depends on a number of factors: condition of the surface to be covered, total area, complexity of design, if stairs are to be covered, the type of sealer and accessibility etc . Please call for free on-site estimate and design consultation.
• Q. Is there warranty ?
There is a one year warranty on our jobs. Even if something happens after the warranty, our finishes are repairable to their original state. We service all our jobs past warranty.
• Q. How do we clean decorative concrete overlays ?
A. Exterior - for general cleaning use low pressure water or scrub the surface with a mild detergent. B. Interior - same as you would clean tiles or marble, use a brush and laundry detergent.