The ART IN USE faux stone system was designed to provide restorative solutions for superficially damage, yet structurally sound concrete. However, ART IN USE faux stone systems are not just for concrete, such as tiles and stamped concrete. The system may be applied to resurface a number of structurally sound areas such as pool decks, porches, patios, and walkways - thereby giving you the option to upgrade without the costly expense of ripping and replacing.

Why Art in Use faux stone systems:
• Art in Use has developed fine craftsmanship techniques that differentiates our work from all other industry companies
• We have developed techniques over years of experience which distinguishes us from your average run of the mill contractor – our work will be done right, on time, and within the agreed budget
• Art in Use brings artistry and elegance to custom design lines which are inherently different for each project; scaled and organized according to the size and shape of the area
• Earthy tone colours are custom mixed to produce a natural stone experience. We provide small "test sites" that enable you to see the finished effect before committing to a large area
• We use modified cement overlays that are durable and "winter resistant". These overlays are twice as strong as concrete, are UV colour resistant and also provide a non-slippery texture and sealer
• You can relax knowing that your investment is protected with a high quality sealant that will prevent moisture permeating the surface so you can enjoy it for years to come

Pool dec resurfacing
Pool deck resurfacing
non-slippery decorative cement overlay , a variety of colours and designs .
Pool area overlay finish
simple design
Pool area overlay finish
Pool area resurfacing
With non-slippery modified cement ....
Pool area overlay finish
Enterance resurfacing
Durable and safe floor coatings with beautiful designs .
Front steps recoating
using materials twice as strong as concrete
Porch resurfacing
Porch & Walkway Resurfacing
with durable winter resisting materials and elegant design
Custom decorative overlay
scaled design lines and matching colours
Patio resurfacing
Patio resurfacing
Concrete patio with decorative overlay
Porch  and Walkway Resurfacing
Terrace Recoating
Using modified cement to recoat plain cincrete and then design it to your preference
Resurfacing over stamped concrete
damaged stamped concrete recoated with modified cement
Porch resurfacing
matcing the colours of the overlay to natural stone