Art in Use enables you to break away from the conventional tile, wood, carpet and marble layout solutions that commonly exist today and helps by adding beauty and elegance to your home or business.

Why Art in Use faux stone systems:
• It's easily applied to virtually any surface including high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms
• It is more durable and therefore will last longer - protecting your investment.
• There is no need to tear off the existing tiles or marble to renovate any indoor space -thereby saving costly labor hours
• Aesthetically - the faux stone system offers a fresher, crisper appearance
• It is easy to maintain and unlike carpet or tile grouts, does not stain
• Allows for a versatile combination of colours - reflecting the personality of your home
• The system is finished with high-end quality sealers which preserves the product and prevents moisture from getting through and not only damaging the floor but the underlay as well No more unsightly and hazardous flooring!
• Tiles are subject to moisture penetration. Moisture enters through the grout and makes the surface slippery and potentially hazardous.
• Conventional stamped concrete is subject to the same deterioration and discoloration over time.
• Both granite and marble are susceptible to efflorescence: that's those unsightly and damaging salt crystals which build on surfaces. They can be slippery, dangerous and costly to repair.

Patio after resurfacing
floor & wall resurfacing
Pool area overlay finish
self leveling overlay
Porch resurfacing
kitchen floor & walls
Porch  and Walkway Resurfacing
custom floor over wooden panels
custom floor over wooden panels
DUROCK office floor
Floor & wall resurfacing
restaurant flooring
bathroom epoxy floor
bathroom epoxy floor
epoxy floor detail